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Future Now Detox is the first step on the road to your recovery. This blog serves as your source for information regarding the physical, emotional and mental symptoms that addicts and alcoholics face when they begin the journey to sobriety. Participate in your recovery: check back often and leave comments regarding future blogs you would like to see. We Do Recover.

How To Help An Addict

Posted on October 30, 2015 in Addiction, Articles

Many people are either related to or married to an addict. There are many ways to help an addict and understanding these ways are important to helping yourself, and the addict. These easy to follow steps will help any loved… Read More

How Does An Addiction Start?

Posted on October 25, 2015 in Addiction, Articles

An addiction is a strong intense craving for something. Over the course of time it can overtake a person by hijacking their brain and making it think that life cannot be had without the addictive substance. Addictive substances short circuit… Read More

Glossary Of Terms In Addiction

Posted on October 20, 2015 in Articles

When it comes to addiction there are many terms that you’re going to hear over and over. It can quickly become confusing. This glossary should help you to understand the various terms and be able to discuss addiction with both… Read More

Dealing With A Relapse

Posted on October 15, 2015 in Addiction, Articles

One of the hardest and most difficult things for an addict is dealing with the fact that they relapsed. All that hard work has gone down the drain, or has it? According to statistics, many addicts relapse. Relapsing doesn’t mean… Read More

Can Addiction Be Genetic?

Posted on October 10, 2015 in Addiction, Articles

According to research, addiction is partly genetic and partly a lack of life coping skills. Numerous studies have been done on both fraternal and identical twins to try and determine the answer to this question. According to the study results,… Read More