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Brain Restoration Plus Medical Detox Option

When an individual is addicted to drugs, alcohol and prescription medications, their brain becomes depleted of vital nutrients and chemicals. In order to restore the damage and heal the brain, it is necessary for the individual to go through detox. Future Now Medical Detox uses revolutionary NAD IV therapy treatment in conjunction with conventional detox with Brain Restoration Plus to help clients through this initial phase of recovery.

Addiction causes neurotransmitters in the brain to become depletedThis results in the individual having difficulty with emotions, pleasure, pain, and movement control. Many people that struggle with substance addiction also suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. Our detox program helps restore the brain’s biochemistry so that clients can experience clarity of mind, stable moods, and reduced cravings.

Brain Restoration Plus

Brain Restoration Plus (BR+) is a process that rebalances brain chemistry and stabilizes cell function. Patients undergoing BR+ are given an IV protocol of vitamin B3 and oral amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. After BR+, the patient feels an almost complete reduction in cravings, a reduction in stress, and the ability to continue in recovery with clarity of mind, the motivation and determination to succeed.

Many recovery programs use medications such as Suboxone and Methadone to assist in detox and to help the person avoid relapse. These maintenance medications can be effective, but they often leave the individual dependent on these substances. BR+ is a nutrient-based treatment that does not use drugs; therefore there is no risk for dependence.

Brain Restoration Therapy

An individual beginning BR+ will first be assessed by our medical staff to determine their substance abuse history and individual needs. Based on that assessment, clients will be provided with an individualized treatment plan, and the length of BR+ treatment will be determined. Brain Restoration Therapy is typically given over ten days for substance addiction, and over four days to treat stress related disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Once the BR+ detox process is complete, the patient will be transitioned to rehabilitation and recovery. Depending on the person’s needs, it may be recommended that they enroll in an inpatient treatment program, or they may be ready for outpatient therapy. The benefits of BR+ will be effective immediately: reduced cravings, clarity of mind, increased energy,  and an overall improved feeling of wellbeing.  Our goal through BR+ is to place the patient in a more favorable position, so that they can continue with recovery and be successful in their

sobriety. We find that after Brain Restoration, clients have improved focus and concentration, increased energy, improved mood with little or no cravings. This balance of the mind helps the individual immensely as they take on the important task of recovery.

Brain Restoration Plus  is not a cure for addiction. The way to fully overcome an addiction is through long term rehabilitation and commitment to oneself.  By practicing abstinence, the 12 Steps Big Book Study, counseling, and  support groups will enable the person to achieve sustained recovery. Our BR+ program is a beneficial treatment to help clients achieve a balanced feeling of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing quickly so they are better able to succeed at their recovery.

Brain Restoration is an effective treatment for anyone wanting to detox from drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you know is in need of addiction treatment, please contact us today at 866-419-3899  to learn more about BR+.


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