Brain Restoration Plus +|NAD Detox Treatment

Brain Restoration Plus +|NAD Detox Treatment

Restoring Optimal Brain Function Through NAD

There may be instances when the human brain stops functioning healthily and normally. Some reasons may be due to extreme stress or depression. It can also be because of substance and alcohol abuse that will reduce the levels of important chemicals, specifically neurotransmitters, in the brain. Long-term use and abuse of such substances will change the normal functioning of the brain and will make it dependent on these drugs or on alcohol.

The NAD or Brain Restoration Plus (BR+) is a kind of treatment to address these problems. With the use of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), levels of neurotransmitters go up to normal. Moreover, it helps patients decrease dependency on addictive drugs and alcohol. Even mental disorders like depression, acute and post-traumatic stress and anxiety can be treated.

Through this method, the brain is able to work again in its proper and optimal levels. The best thing about it is that there is no need to use other drugs, as the protocol uses nutrient-based treatments. This will greatly reduce the risk of the patient being addicted to other substances, which may happen when medication is used.

The Proven Success of Brain Restoration

The NAD/BR+ treatment is also supported by studies from as early as the 1960s. Back then, researchers have proven that patients experienced a successful detoxification from various addictive substances including opiates, stimulants, tranquilizers, and at the same time, alcohol. Over the years of implementation, practitioners have validated these studies due to high rates of reduced symptoms of withdrawal and craving.

Beyond its use in the treatment of addiction, this method can also help those suffering from various diseases like Type II Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even obesity. In fact, within a short span of 10 days or possibly less, any imbalances in the brain’s chemicals will be restored to normal.

Patients who have gone through treatment report fewer feelings of craving for alcohol or drugs, and at the same time, experience better concentration, focus, mood, more energy and a clearer mind. Full and lasting recovery is possible when they also go through counseling, therapy, or other approaches like 12-step programs and faith-based methods.

What to Expect from this Treatment

Patients can expect a thorough assessment before going through this treatment. In this step, they can expect their medical history and recent health status to be checked. It is during this time that the protocol for the patient will be designed. Normally, time needed to detoxify from any addictive substance is 10 days. However, this might be altered by their health status and other circumstances, requiring more days into the treatment.

Administration of the protocol is done intravenously (through an IV) by staff that has been medically trained. NAD helps with better functioning of the patient’s brain. Towards the end of the care, cravings for drugs or alcohol may be gone completely, or at least significantly less than in the beginning. Once the brain is free of drugs or liquor, patients can enjoy having a clear mind and a life without dependency on these substances.

It will be wrong to assume that this is the way to complete recovery. It is, however, just the start of the drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Once the brain is free from these cravings and is back to normal, the patient will be able to make better life choices and avoid behavior that is unhealthy and destructive.

Treatment for those with stress or anxiety issues goes through a shorter period of care. In this case, 4 days are enough for the protocols to have a big effect though patients will be assessed if they need more. In addition to the IV, they also receive additional vitamins that will normalize levels of neurochemicals in the brain.

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