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Quieting the Monster: The top 10 lies we tell ourselves about our addiction

Whether you are struggling with addiction yourself or you have plans to approach the topic of addiction with a loved one, you know addicts lie, not just to the people around them, but to themselves. Knowing what the lie is… Read More

Why Do Addicts Relapse?

Addicts relapse for a lot of reasons. The reasons can vary from person to person and from relapse to relapse. Here are the four most common reasons that an addict will relapse after they’ve been through a treatment program. Keeping… Read More

Treatment Approaches For Addiction

There are many treatment approaches for addiction. It’s important to note that drug addiction is a very challenging illness. It is characterized by uncontrollable and intense drug cravings as well as compulsion to seek out the drugs even when faced… Read More

Symptoms Of Addiction

Determining whether or not someone is high can often be a challenge as there are many symptoms to addiction. First let’s look at the difference between symptoms and signs. Symptoms are what the addict is sensing and describing. Signs on… Read More

How To Help An Addict

Many people are either related to or married to an addict. There are many ways to help an addict and understanding these ways are important to helping yourself, and the addict. These easy to follow steps will help any loved… Read More