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Future Now Drug Detox Programs

Detoxification is the first step in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. Future Now Detox offers drug detox programs that can help the individual cleanse their body from all substances and help prepare their minds for sobriety.

Drug and alcohol dependence takes a toll on a person’s body and mind. Someone that is addicted to substances will be controlled by those substances, unable to stop drinking or using. Physical dependence makes it impossible for the person to function without their drug, and if they do stop using the drug, they face withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can put an immediate end to the person’s motivation to get sober, and many people who try to detox on their own end up turning right back to their substance in order to make the physical symptoms go away. Detox can also be dangerous and certain substances, including alcohol and tranquilizers, should not be stopped “cold turkey”. We recommend that detox only be performed under the watchful eye of trained medical staff.

Drug Addiction Detox at First Step

The drug addiction detox at Future Now gives patients the encouragement and support they need during this difficult phase of recovery. Our staff is here to intervene medically when necessary and ease the individual’s symptoms when possible. We understand the symptoms of detox, and are able to make patients comfortable through medication and holistic techniques like acupuncture, massage, meditating at the Labyrinth, and nutrition. Our goals are to help clients safely cleanse their body from the toxins of drugs or alcohol, and then prepare them to continue on the road to recovery.

Drug Detox Programs

Future Now Detox offers a variety of drug detox programs. We help individuals detox from any substance, and specialize in the difficult and sometimes dangerous benzo and alcohol detoxes. We use medication when necessary for helping individuals through withdrawal, but we also work to wean patients from supportive medications. We believe in complete sobriety for full recovery, and help clients manage stress and the temptation to use through natural, drug-free methods.

Our staff of therapists and counselors is present during detox programs to help clients as they mentally struggle to withdraw from their substances. We understand that physical detox is only the first step, and we make the transition to inpatient and outpatient therapy a smooth one by working on psychological healing with patients during detox. We are able to incorporate therapies such as vibroacoustic therapy, as well as AA meetings and counseling sessions. At First Step, we are prepared to use a variety of proven techniques as necessary to help clients maintain their sobriety and continue on toward complete recovery.

If you or a loved one has been struggling with a drug or alcohol
addiction, please contact us today to learn how we can help.

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