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Medical Detox

Medical Detox with Future Now!Holistic Drug Detox in Florida

Choosing between Traditional Medical Detox and Holistic Drug Detox in Florida

Once people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs have decided they would like to eliminate these substances from their lives, they will have a much better chance of success if they enter into a detoxification program first. After years of substance abuse, their bodies are not necessarily prepared to allow them to stop drinking or taking their drugs of choice. Their systems let them know this by giving them uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Future Now Detox Treatment offers a safe, monitored, holistic drug detox program.

Typical Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
When people who are addicted to alcohol suddenly stop drinking they may experience several of the following withdrawal symptoms:

Hallucinations Vomiting Anxiety Paranoia Seizures Convulsions Sweats Tremors
Withdrawal Symptoms from Drugs
Those addicted to drugs may also find that they will experience withdrawal symptoms after they try to refrain from using those substances. The symptoms are like those of alcohol withdrawal, but they also can include the following:

Irritability Restlessness Depression Headaches Social isolation Insomnia The Inability to concentrate Difficulty breathing
Holistic Drug Detox
In order to relieve their symptoms, people addicted to alcohol or drugs begin to drink and use drugs again. This prevents them from being able to enter into the counseling that will help them understand their addictions and find alternative behaviors. It is necessary for these individuals to first go through holistic drug detox so they can cleanse their body of harmful substances before they try to live without them.

What Is the Drug Addiction Detox Process Like?
Rather than trying to stop drinking or using on their own, it is necessary for some people to enter into drug addiction detox. Future Now Detox has treatment for people such as these. When they begin the detoxification process, clients are not allowed to gain access to alcohol or drugs. To relieve the symptoms they could experience they may be given medication that mimics the effects that drugs or alcohol have on the body.

Examples of Medications Used in Detox
Easing the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal may require that Future Now Detox Treatment Center administer benzodiazepines to patients for about one week, or longer if needed. Sometimes drugs such as clonidine and buprenorphine are chosen for those addicted to opiates. In both cases, patients receive decreasing doses of these medications until they are comfortable living without them.

Holistic Detox Center
Future Now Detoxis a holistic detox center that gives several options, other than medication, to manage withdrawal symptoms. We use yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and other therapies to help ease discomfort and relax the mind.

The best option is for clients to enter into detox before they begin counseling. Under these circumstances, patients have less chance of relapsing because they will be in a controlled setting. Afterward, their counseling sessions will have an increased chance of success because they will not be distracted by withdrawal symptoms and they cannot obtain their drugs of choice.

Future Now offers both holistic drug rehab and holistic alcohol treatment for individuals in recovery. We provide each client with a personalized treatment plan in order to meet their individual needs and goals.

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