Meditation Therapy

Meditation Therapy

Meditation and Addiction in Florida

Individuals struggling with a drug addiction or alcoholism often feel unable to concentrate or focus on the tasks at hand. They may seem flustered, as they suffer from the stress and anxiety that substance abuse has placed on their bodies and minds. Future Now Detox’s meditation and addiction program helps clients refocus their minds through concentration techniques so that they can feel refreshed and ready to succeed in sobriety. Clients find that they look forward to meditation sessions, as they usually feel much better after this type of therapy. We offer yoga, breath work, and meditation in combination with each other to help clients work toward holistic recovery of the mind, body, and spirit.

Meditation and Addiction

The practice of meditation, which is a simple exercise done to help to still the endless chatter and negative messages contained in the mind, is done in partnership with yoga and breath work. The beauty of having Future Now Detox clients try weekly yoga, meditation, and breathing sessions as part of their recovery and detoxification process is that they can use these practices on their own throughout the week to achieve improved physical, as well as mental and emotional, health. Our meditation and addiction program uses natural methods to help in the recovery process.

Addiction Meditation

The addiction meditation program at Future Now Detox helps clients build a foundation for their life of sobriety. The techniques clients learn in our yoga, breath work, and meditation for addiction classes will serve them well as they continue in sobriety, even after completing our program. Yoga and meditation are useful for reducing stress and improving the overall health of body and mind and are easy enough for most people to continue practicing the techniques on their own.

Future Now Detox is a Florida drug treatment center that provides the highest quality of care. We use holistic methods for recovery and always provide individuals with a client-focused approach to healing. Our holistic treatment allows clients to heal the underlying causes of their addiction and find ways to manage the stress and challenges of everyday life.

Our therapists help clients through every stage of recovery, from detox to relapse prevention and aftercare. We believe that recovery is possible for everyone and that sobriety is a life-long journey requiring support and encouragement long after a rehab program is done.

Future Now Detox offers:

Dual diagnosis treatment | Medical detox center | Family support groups for drug addiction | Acupuncture for addiction | Yoga for addiction | Nutrition and addiction recovery | Spirituality and addiction recovery | Anger and addiction | Drug addiction and relationships | Fun things to do sober | Progress based | Life skills training | Chiropractic services | Exercise training

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