Future Now Medical Meth Detox Program

Future Now Medical Meth Detox Program

Crystal meth is a powerful stimulant that causes euphoria, decreased appetite, and increased energy. The drug is a form of methamphetamine, and can be snorted, injected, and smoked. Meth addiction has been steadily increasing in America, and more and more individuals today are in need of meth detox.

Methamphetamine is often made in clandestine labs in people’s homes or garages, and can be manufactured from legally purchased ingredients and household products. The fact that meth is so easily obtainable has made it a popular choice for individuals wanting to get high.

Meth has serious side effects, and addiction is a main concern. Because it is a stimulant, crystal meth causes irritability, insomnia, aggression, weight loss, and erratic behavior. In addition, those that abuse meth for longer periods of time often experience dry mouth, rotting teeth, sores inside the mouth, and sores or lesions on the face and arms as the person “picks” at their skin repeatedly. It is known as the party drug because it keeps the user awake and alert for long periods of time. Coming off of a meth high, however, can lead to feelings of depression and the desire to get high again immediately.

Meth Detox

Methamphetamine is an addicting drug. It releases dopamine in the brain, causing the user to experience cravings for the drug. Meth abusers often exhibit strong drug seeking behavior, as their minds crave the drug. Someone going through meth detox may experience fatigue, irritability, anxiety, lethargy, depression, and paranoia. The most severe withdrawal symptoms, however, are psychological, and cause the user to desperately want to get high again.

Meth detox should only be done under the supervision of trained treatment providers. Because crystal meth addiction controls the mind, it is important for the individual to receive help not only during meth detox, but also long term rehab and treatment to manage cravings and triggers to use. Future Now Detox provides patients with support and care during detox, and connects our clients with long term treatment facilities that can provide the help these individuals need to remain drug-free.

How to Detox from Meth

Many individuals are struggling with meth addiction right now and may wonder how to detox from meth. This type of detox must help the user manage the intense cravings they will experience for the drug. Future Now Detox provides patients with supportive care and rest while withdrawing from methamphetamine. Because meth addiction causes malnourishment, it is important for the individual to receive proper nutrition and care for their body. At First Step, our gourmet chef prepares food that helps replenish nutrients that have been lacking in our patients’ diets. Our medical staff supervises our patients around the clock, in order to provide medical intervention when necessary. Our drug detox program helps individuals withdraw from their substance in a safe, comfortable setting. We are equipped to handle any detox, including alcohol detox.

To learn more about our meth detox program, contact us at 866-419-3899 today.

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