Future Now Methadone Detox Program

Future Now Methadone Detox Program

Methadone is a synthetic opioid. It is most commonly used to manage detox from other opioids, but can also be abused and cause dependence. Methadone has the same effects on the user as drugs like morphine and heroin. It acts on the opioid receptors of the brain, and its properties allow it to block the euphoric effects of other opiates. Because methadone is a long-acting pain reliever, it is also used to stabilize patients that are in severe pain or chronic pain.

Just as with any drug, methadone is often abused. This medication mirrors many of the effects of heroin, and some individuals that use it to recover from heroin addiction become addicted to methadone itself. A methadone detox program is then necessary to help the individual break free from their reliance on all substances.

Methadone Detox Program

Future Now has a methadone detox program specifically for individuals that have found themselves caught up with this type of addiction. Many of those we treat were on their way to recovery from heroin or morphine addiction before they became addicted to this medication that they thought was helping them. Methadone can be effective in the treatment of opiate addiction, but only under the close supervision of experienced staff.

At Future Now Detox, we believe in abstinence from all alcohol and drugs. While some medications are necessary and can provide benefits during recovery, these substances were never designed to be used long-term, and unless the person weans off of drugs like methadone, they will continue to suffer with addiction. We use natural methods to manage pain, provide stress relief, and to help individuals through the detox process.

How to Detox from Methadone

An individual that has become dependent on this drug will need to learn how to detox from methadone. When a person goes through methadone detox, they often experience body aches, shaking, nausea, dilation of the pupils, sweating, lightheadedness, anxiety, and depression. It is during this time that the individual needs supportive care and encouragement from others to help them focus on the goal of living a clean and sober life. Our staff uses different therapy methods, such as vibroacoustic, as well as yoga, meditation, and other natural therapies to help patients through the difficult first week of recovery. After the individual has been cleansed of their substance, we help them transition into inpatient or outpatient rehab at a treatment facility. We are the starting point for individuals wanting to live a completely sober life, free from all harmful substances.

Please contact us at 866-419-3899 for more information.

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