Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Beating Detox Holistically

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a form of therapy that stimulates the lymphatic system with gentle massage like strokes.  This light rhythmical treatment encourages the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste products, toxins, excess fluid and bacteria.

What is the Lymphatic System?

The Lymphatic system helps drain toxins and metabolic waste products from our bodies. The lymph system is like the drains in your home.

Drugs and Alcohol can create a buildup of toxins and waste material in your body and going through a detox program prior to rehab is essential in your recovery process. During Detox, the Lymphatic system can get clogged causing a backup of toxins which can make you feel sick, tired, fatigue and increased joint pain as a result. Neuro Lymphatic Drainage treatment helps to keep the Lymph glands from getting clogged or backed up during the detox process. It helps move toxins through the Lymphatic system allowing you to detox more efficiently and easier.

Benefits of Neuro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

  • Helps assist in your detox program and makes it a more comfortable experience
  • Prevents the backup of toxins
  • Helps to keep the “Drains” unclogged
  • Helps eliminate toxins easier and effectively

Stimulating the lymphatic system through manual lymphatic drainage will activate the release of metabolic toxins allowing for a more complete detox process, facilitate healing and support the immune system. Manual Lymphatic Drainage also helps stimulate the release of certain neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin which will help you feel better quicker.

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