Opiate Detox

Future Now Medical Opiate Detox

Future Now Medical Detox helps patients safely detox from any substance. Our opiate detox program works with patients to offer them the comfort they desire, while helping them cleanse their body from all substances. Because withdrawing from substances is a challenging first step in recovery, we are here to help clients detox safely and successfully, and then transition them to the next phase of their recovery.

We believe in complete abstinence from substances after recovery and we make use of medications during detox only when necessary. While we do use Suboxone during opiate detox, we do not keep clients on this medication long term, but rather help individuals develop the tools they need to live without substances. Our opiate detox program helps individuals that are dependent on painkillers, heroin, and other opiates.

How to Detox From Opiates

Opiates derived from the poppy plant. Drugs in this family are often effective painkillers, but also alter the mind, and are habit forming. Heroin addiction is a growing problem, one that causes devastating effects in the individual’s personal and professional life. This opiate can quickly cause dependence, leading to a life of addiction. Without the right kind of help, an individual can find it nearly impossible to stop using heroin on their own. Other kinds of opiates include prescription painkillers such as vicodin and oxycodone, drugs that are often prescribed by doctors for pain relief. These medications can also easily be abused and can cause dependence.

Many people wonder how to detox from opiates, and unfortunately, this kind of detox can be difficult. Symptoms of withdrawal from opiates are not usually life threatening, but can be uncomfortable and include shakiness, nausea, vomiting, achiness, agitation, insomnia, and anxiety.

Future Now Detox gives patients the care and support they need to successfully detox from opiates or any other kind of drugs. Our caring staff monitors patients closely to ensure their safety. We are a medical detox facility, meaning we are licensed to use medical interaction during challenging detoxes. Safety is our number one concern, and our medical staff is equipped to walk patients safely through this difficult journey.

At Future Now Detox we use medications like Suboxone to ease the withdrawal symptoms of opiate drugs. However, we believe that in order for the individual to achieve sustained recovery, they must eventually wean off all substance and live without drugs. After completing detox at Future Now, our clients can transition into a rehab program where they participate in counseling and therapy to learn how to maintain their sobriety.

We provide patients with an intimate recovery in a comfortable facility, offering nutritious meals prepared by our chef, a beautiful outdoor garden area, and the calming tropical climate of Florida. Patients can benefit from our living Labyrinth, a path of meditation that individuals can travel right outside our facility. Those that travel the path of the Labyrinth will experience holistic healing as they release distractions, resolve to abstain from substances, and receive guidance and strength through this activity.

Our drug detox programs are able to help individuals that struggle with any kind of drug or alcohol abuse, and we do so in a controlled, safe setting.

If you or someone you know is in need of detox
from drugs or alcohol, please contact us today.

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