Future Now Oxycodone Detox Program

Future Now Oxycodone Detox Program

Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opiate drug that is typically used to manage moderate or severe pain. Doctors prescribe oxycodone for patients that have undergone surgery, have sustained a painful injury, or suffer from chronic pain. This drug is a Schedule II drug and is addicting, and can easily cause physical dependence. Future Now has an oxycodone detox program for those wanting to free themselves from this dangerous addiction.

Oxycodone is one of the most abused prescription medications. Many individuals begin taking the medication because of a legitimate need for pain control. As prescribed by a doctor, the drug should be used only for short periods of time, and at the lowest dose possible for effectiveness. If the patient remains on this drug too long, they can become addicted to it. Other people begin abusing oxycodone because it has been relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain in the past. Drug seeking individuals will often doctor shop or visit pill mills to get this medication.

Oxycodone addiction causes the user to neglect other things in their life that were once important to them. Their focus becomes how to get more of their drug, and finding ways to hide the fact that they have an addiction. Drugs like oxycodone are bought and sold on the Internet, through pill mills, and on the street. Other people steal oxycodone from the medicine cabinets of family members or friends.

Oxycodone Detox

The process of detoxing from oxycodone causes uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. The user may experience nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, anxiety, and insomnia. While these symptoms rarely last longer than a few days, they can easily hinder a person’s motivation to get clean, and many people will want to go back to using to alleviate their symptoms. It is important that during withdrawal that the person receives help and support to keep them in recovery.

How to Detox from Oxycodone

It is important to know how to detox from oxycodone before attempting it in order to ensure success. Future Now’s experienced staff of counselors, therapists, and medical personnel help patients recover from oxycodone addiction in a safe, controlled environment. We monitor patients around the clock, and are able to use medications as necessary for relief of detox symptoms.

We believe in a holistic approach to recovery, and we make use of a variety of techniques that help the patient through the difficult first stage of recovery without relying on medications. We provide clients with a balanced diet, prepared by our gourmet chef, and yoga therapy and a living labyrinth help the person relax, relieve pain and stress, and focus on the task at hand.

At Future Now Detox we help clients that are struggling with any kind of drug or alcohol addiction.

To learn more about our facility and the detox process, please contact us today.

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