Quieting the Monster: The top 10 lies we tell ourselves about our addiction

quieting the monster

Whether you are struggling with addiction yourself or you have plans to approach the topic of addiction with a loved one, you know addicts lie, not just to the people around them, but to themselves. Knowing what the lie is and more importantly, why it is, can help to bring the truth to light.

  1. “Life is meaningless and without drugs it’s boring too.”

The belief that life has nothing to offer without drugs will keep addicts doing drugs even when faced with evidence that it’s killing them.  There is literally a whole world to explore and enjoy without the tethers of addiction.

  1. “They just don’t want me to have any fun.”

Addicts often see people who are concerned about their drug abuse as killjoys, jealous or ignorant.  “They don’t get it” is a similar response.  The truth is that they may not understand, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care or that they are trying to ruin anybody’s fun.  Addiction is not fun. It’s all consuming and life ruining.

  1. “Drugs make me more creative and productive.”

That drugs increase creativity or productivity is a pervasive lie amongst addicts.  The truth is creative people are creative whether they are stoned or not and people tend to be more productive when they are not.

  1. “I’ve tried to quit before; I just can’t.”

Like most challenges in life, recovery is a process that sometimes takes multiple attempts to get right.  Like everything in life that’s worth doing, it’s worth it to try, try again.

  1. “I have to hit rock bottom before I can change.”

This is another clichéd idea that’s popular in both the world of users and the world of the recovering. It’s a dangerous idea since ‘rock bottom’ is just a breath away from ‘6 feet under.’

  1. “Life is too short to deprive myself of what makes me happy.”

Many addicts believe they will die young and many do.  The real tragedy is when the drugs don’t kill- they only cripple. A life lived carrying the scars of addiction can be very long indeed.

  1. “Recovery is bullshit and the people involved are fake.”

It’s hard for the addicted to imagine the life of recovery.  They see it as a game where everyone lies and no one believes what they are saying.”

  1. “I’m different. “

This is one of the most common beliefs among addicts.  They think that their case is special.  Maybe they alone can withstand abusing drugs without becoming addicted or there is something about them that prevents them from recovering.  It’s ironic that this belief is the very thing that makes them like every other addict.

  1. “It’s not my fault.”

‘Fault’ is such a touchy word. Of course it’s not the addicts fault that drugs are addictive.  However, taking personal responsibility is an important step on the road to recovery.  It’s a good habit for everyone. Personal responsibility empowers you to change.  It’s the opposite of being a perpetual victim of life.

  1. “Everyone does drugs.”

It’s true.  Addicts surround themselves with other addicts.  It’s a lifestyle and everyone who lives that life is either an addict or an enabler.  The fact of the matter is that addicts will have to remove themselves from the social circles and lifestyle that they are accustomed to, in order to find people who are not addicts.  The cool part is that once addicts commit to a life of recovery, they meet others who are in recovery and create a new social circle and a new lifestyle.

Yes, addicts lie, even to themselves.  This is probably true of most people regardless of addiction.  Before anyone can face a lie, they need to see that it is one. This is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome and it brings with it the greatest of gifts.

The Truth Will Set You Free!

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