The Team

The Team


Dr. Richard Mestayer, III

NAD-BR+ Consultant

Dr. Richard Mestayer, III, earned his M.D. at Louisiana State University Medical Center in 1974 and completed an internship in medicine at Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation, New Orleans, LA, in 1975, where he was named medical “Intern of the Year.” He completed his residency in psychiatry at the University of Virginia Department of Psychiatry in Charlottesville in 1978 and is board certified in psychiatry and neurology. Dr. Mestayer was co-Chief Resident of Psychiatry at University of Virginia Medical School.

In his 39-year career as a practicing physician, Dr. Mestayer has helped countless men and women overcome chemical dependencies, traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, panic, and effectivepersonality disorders. For 27 years he directed the behavioral medicine and stress treatment units at Ochsner Foundation Hospital, taught courses in psychosomatic medicine and personality disorders to residents accepted into Ochsner’s Psychiatric Residency program, where he was named “Teacher of the Year” in 1996. Other awards include “Best Doctor in New Orleans” by New Orleans magazine and the Ochsner Department of Psychiatry’s “Outstanding and Dedicated Service Award” in 2005.

Since his retirement in 2005 he has focused his efforts on addiction recovery, serving as Executive Director of Fernwood House and Magnolia Treatment Center, a residential addiction treatment program in Fernwood, MS, and since 2008 as Chief Psychiatric Consultant at Springfield Wellness Center, a non-residential mental health clinic pioneering a proprietary formula of NAD (nicotine adenine dinucleotide) for the treatment of alcoholism, addiction, chronic and post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Since February 2012 he has also served as President and Medical Director, NAD, LLC, and, since April 2014, as the sole proprietor of BR+ M.D. Consultants, LLC.


Dr. John Santeiro 

MD Psychiatrist Medical Director 





 Iacara McKay




Dr. Bruce Berman, MD, ABFP

 MD NAD Consultant

After years of frustration, treating only symptoms of disease with toxic pharmaceutical drugs, Dr. Berman has, for the last ten years, been exclusively practicing functional and integrative medicine in regards to general and addiction medicine, with its’ emphasis on addressing causes.

While practicing for almost twenty years within the allopathic, symptom-based model, he realized that, even though at times their symptoms were controlled, very few patients actually were cured.
Due to the recent advances in addiction medicine including intravenous treatments and natural supplements, Dr. Berman has seen an increase in positive outcomes

Dr. Berman believes in body, mind and spirit healing as one, and helps his patients learn how to help their bodies heal naturally and to stop relying on so many harmful prescription medications.

He has been including addiction medicine in his practice since 1990 and gets great satisfaction out of clients achieving recovery

He also addresses thyroid deficiencies, which can contribute to depression and that are so common in our country and go undiagnosed with the “normal blood tests” but can be discovered by other sensitive tests.

Dr. Berman founded Palm Beach Holistic Health Center to address and treat all phases of his patients’ wellness and health. In addition to Dr. Berman’s practice he utilizes acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, deep tissue and light touch massage, cranial sacral therapy, intravenous vitamin and chelation therapy, therapeutic laser treatments, ozone treatments, a pharmaceutical grade supplement center, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency therapy and energy treatments such as Reiki and Theta healing.



Andrey Rossin, CAC


Tel. 786-942-0502

Andrey Rossin- is a recovered alcoholic with almost 11 years’ sobriety and a certified addiction counselor. He was born in Minsk, Belarus and immigrated to US in 1995 to Boston, Mass. in 2000, seeking to end the vicious cycle of addiction, Andrey moved to Miami, Florida to which he has called home ever since. From 2012, through 2016, Andrey ran the only private long-term recovery program in the state of Florida, licensed by DCF, called IntoAction Treatment Center where the success of the treatment center was based on the actual progress of the client, not the ability to pay. Andrey is active in Russian-speaking community of South Florida and is has his phone on 24/7 for anyone in need of intervention and support for which he is 100% committed to saving lives and changing the process for addicts to create paths of freedom and happiness. Andrey is an avid runner and has completed the NYC marathon in 2016, the Miami marathon in 2017 one and the Ultra 31,2 miles marathon in Fakahatchee. He has dedicated his life to creating a push for those that see no way out and providing NAD(nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) as a solution for clearance and foundation for individuals to start taking action to create lasting breakthroughs in their lives. At this time, he’s opening a 15-bed inpatient detoxification program in West Palm Beach, FL and writing a book to smash numerous myths associated with addiction.


cfo-denis-v-leontevDenis Leontev, PHD

CFO, co-Founder

Denis and Andrey Rossin (CEO) became friends over nine years ago in Miami. Denis comes with vast business experience and versatile background from managing construction residential projects in St Petersburg, Russia, to owning a multitude of cash flowing businesses.

He is also dean of Russian State Hydrometeorology University and is in charge of the foreign relations department of the St Petersburg Meteorology University. Denis has lost many dear friends to the disease of addiction and honestly, could not believe that there might be a solution for this seemingly hopeless situation.

In Russia, someone in the midst of addiction is considered an outcast and “done and gone”. After seeing Andrey in action, Denis realized that there is a solution, and partnered with Andrey to create a plan for Future Now Detox, a clinical detox program where clients experience lasting breakthroughs and achieve a complete turnaround in their lives. Stabilization is paramount, but actually moving forward, becoming healthy, and experiencing lasting sobriety is the goal for our clients at Future Now Detox.



Damarys Arroyo MA, 

MCAP Executive Director

Damarys possesses a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. With almost 10 years of experience in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse field, Damarys has developed a passion and a commitment to helping others. At the beginning of her career, Damarys treated patients in a well-known Psychiatric Hospital in the State of Florida. Not only does she have vast experience as a clinician treating clients with mental health and substance abuse issues, she is currently completing her Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology.

While concentrating more specifically studying heroin dependency in her Doctoral dissertation, she has put emphasis on topics like Mental Health Program Development and Professional Consulting. Damarys’ primary goal is to cultivate a rich experience, develop and implement evidence-based therapeutic/medical interventions in a holistic setting, and to promote and enhance a healthy/balanced life free from drugs.

Andrea de Aguayo

Andrea de Aguayo, PsyD, LMHC

Clinical Director/Therapist Psyd LMHC

Dr. de Aguayo is passionate about helping others. She believes that all people have innate strengths that can interrupt patterns of dysfunction, hurt, and that they can be resolute under all circumstances. Dr. de Aguayo is driven to help all individuals that desire to change and improve the quality of their lives.

Dr. de Aguayo has been working in the field of mental health and substance abuse for the past 16 years. She has worked in many different settings including private practice, inpatient, in-home treatment, community centers, residential treatment facilities, and corrections. She has provided individual, couples, family, and group counseling to children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. de Aguayo has worked with the Drug Court programs and the Redirection Functional Family Therapy program with the Department of Juvenile Justice. Dr. de Aguayo completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Florida International University in Miami, FL., and master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Trinity International University in Davie, FL.  She graduated from Carlos Albizu University in Doral, FL., with her doctorate in Clinical Psychology.



                                           Nursing Supervisor


  bermanMark Shader

   Dr. Chiro

Dr. Mark A. Shader completed his degree at Life Chiropractic University in 1987. His focus is on holistic addiction therapy, nutritional counseling and extremities, chronic pain conditions affecting the neck and back and chronic health conditions.

Dr. Shader is well versed in the holistic management of drug and alcohol addiction and is board certified in addiction and compulsive disorders. He is well versed in neurotransmitter replacement designed specifically for individuals in recovery. These nutritional formulations have shown to be effective in helping to manage mood disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and other conditions. He is also certified in auriculotherapy and LENS neurofeedback which help decrease anxiety and depression and help increase sleep, focus and concentration.



Peter D. Covert MS

Psychodrama Therapist

Peter D. Covert Is an International practicing psychotherapist, who earned his MS in counseling psychology from Nova Southeastern University. He has practiced psychotherapy with groups and individuals since 1997. He has extensive experience in the treatment of drug and alcohol dependency amongst adults and most recently worked as a bereavement/grief counselor with Hospice in the USA.

A Christian Peter has made both a study and a practice of world faiths. He has written comparative articles relating to the Psychospiritual in the teachings of Islam, Hindi, and Buddhism; as well as these faiths influence, in the therapeutic relationship.

Peter’s interests in people and their process to creatively making solutions to the problems of mankind stem from his formal and twelve-year participation training as a director/therapist in psychodrama. A worldwide psychotherapeutic modality and social theory, Peter fully embraces with enthusiasm, the basic belief of psychodrama’s founder: “A truly therapeutic procedure cannot have less and objective than the whole of mankind.” – J.L Moren, M.D (1889-1974)


                                            Alena Skiles

                                            Director of Operations


Terrance case manager

Terrance Daniels

Tech Supervisor/Case Manager

Terrance Daniels is a lifelong resident of South Florida, who joined the Future Now team in June 2017 as the (Job Title). Before joining Future Now, Mr. Daniels was part of the Grassroots Treatment Center team for over two years where he served as the Director of Operations. As the Director of Operations, he planned and monitored the day-to-day running of all program operations and activities while promoting quality recovery services. Mr. Daniels is driven to provide compassion, comfort, and transformational support to people who suffer from substance use disorders. His focus is also on helping people understand their natural strengths and realize that they too can experience freedom from active addiction.








karenKaren Gauci, M.P.H., R.D., L.D..


Karen M. Gauci, a nutritional consultant to celebrities such as Buddy Hackett, Liza Minelli and Goldie Hawn at the Palm-Aire Spa Resort in Pompano Beach, Florida, is a registered and licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist, with a Master’s Degree in Public Health. Karen is the author of the cookbook, “Delicious Nutritious Spa Recipes from the Spa at Palm-Aire”. She is a frequent speaker at corporate conventions and has appeared in programs for Toyota, The American Cancer Society, and Northern Trust Bank. Karen also works with professional athletes.

Currently, in private practice in Boca Raton, Florida, Karen is owner and president of 2001 Nutrition Services, Inc., a company with a philosophy of providing education and counseling in all areas related to nutrition. Karen’s specialties include nutritional evaluation, counseling and diet recommendations for weight management, chronic disease risk reduction, health promotion and wellness, sports nutrition, pediatrics, eating disorders, substance abuse, and psychiatric problems. Karen’s knowledge and involvement in competitive swimming led to her place in the International Swimming Hall of Fame. This experience reinforces her commitment to the exercise component of the program.

Karen travels around the world for her clients to train personal chefs in the preparation of foods low in fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugar. She also offers assistance in menu planning, label reading, and proper portion control.




Chef Reggie

Personal Chef

Born in the small island of Haiti to a minister and his wife, Chef Reggie’s culinary expertise is unmatched. Reggie has a deep passion for food and people. In 2012 Chef Reggie enrolled at Lincoln Culinary Institute, thus making the decision to give up his dream of becoming a professional soccer player for a chef coat and a knife. Reggie has traveled to numerous countries and has befriended people from many different ethnicities. Reggie has worked in some of the top restaurants and healthcare facilities in Palm Beach County. Chef Reggie is well renowned for his work and ethic, as well as his attention to detail and impeccable taste for food. Chef Reggie’s ultimate goal is to bring the world together one plate at a time.





Kenton Parker

Business Development 




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