Traditions at Future Now Detox

Tradition One. Client safety and sanity is primary. Their welfare depends on team unity.

Tradition Two. For our detox purpose, there is but one ultimate authority- a loving God ( Higher Power) as he/she/it may express himself/herself/itself in our hearts and souls. Our leaders are but trusted servants, they do not govern.

Tradition Three. Our basic requirement is the commitment to our client’s recovery. Becoming alive, happy and healthy is an ultimate goal.

Tradition Four. Each team member must be understanding and be compassionate to the fact that we are dealing with a population in the midst of the crisis.

Tradition Five. Our team has but one purpose-to assure our clients complete the stay with a clear peace of mind and constructive plans moving forward in life.

Tradition Six. Our team ought never to allow personal issues, interests of egos to deter a clinical relationship, lest problems of money, personal needs and prestige divert us from our therapeutic goals.

Tradition Seven. All of our clients should work on becoming completely autonomous from any mind altering substances, unless specifically prescribed and mandated by their family doctor.

Tradition Eight. Staff to client relationships should always remain forever professional, always remembering we are not friends and/ or sponsors. That includes but is not limited to personal phone numbers and social media.

Tradition Nine. Staff to client relationship ought never to be coming from the position of power or control, but rather from fierce compassion and loving care.

Tradition Ten. Our team is to understand that we are not Gods and are here to provide detoxification services, guidance and care to the best of our ability. Clients are to find their own truth.

Tradition Eleven. Team members are never to take credit for any clients success and/or failures. The gift of life is to be cherished and acknowledged at all times. It is a miracle in itself.

Tradition Twelve. Humbleness is the spiritual foundation, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities. The cohesiveness of our team is paramount.

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