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You Can Restore Your Brain and Transform Your Life

Work to Overcome Drug & Alcohol Addiction With
NAD BR+ Brain Restoration Therapy

Overcome Drug & Alcohol Addiction With
NAD BR+ Brain Restoration Therapy

Your Brain Is
Wired To Stay Addicted

NAD BR+ Therapy Can Help to Detox Your Brain at the
Cellular Level Giving You a Fresh Start at Lifetime Transformation.

We’ve known for decades that addiction damages our brains and creates neural pathways that actively work to keep us addicted. These pathways make getting clean a matter of virtually impossible willpower, with even “successful” recoveries often ending in relapse.

You know how powerful the struggle is, but for the first time, thanks to the power of science and technology, you may be able to discover an equally powerful solution.

That’s the science in a nutshell, and frankly, even after helping hundreds of people overcome their addictions, it still seems too good to be true! But while it can be unbelievably effective, it’s not easy, and it’s not the full story of what we do here at Future Now.

Detoxifying from addiction remains a physically and emotionally demanding experience. Our #1 passion at Future Now is to make that experience as comfortable and painless as possible for every one of our patients. We go all out: acupuncture, yoga, massage, healthy meals prepared by a gourmet chef, personalized care, an expansive, zen environment (daily one-on-one therapy sessions). It’s holistic VIP care like you’ve probably never experienced before.

Addiction can be powerful, but with the help of science, technology, and our passionate team, hundreds of patients just like you have laid the foundation for a lifetime of transformation. You could be just 10 days away from the start of a new life!


About Future
Now DetoxCenter

Future Now is an inpatient medically supervised 24/7 detoxification center located in Palm Beach, Florida. Our experienced, passionate staff specialize in providing holistic, personalized care in helping patients detox from drug and alcohol addiction.

At Future Now, we make the detox experience as comfortable and painless as possible by providing each client with the VIP treatment they deserve. We treat each and every one of our patients with compassion and respect, and we have a proven track record helping patients recover from a wide variety of addictive substances and mental health issues.

The most difficult phase of recovery is detox, and that’s why the Future Now Detox Center Is designed specifically to provide the best possible care during this pivotal period in recovery. Our passion at Future Now is to provide maximum comfort for our patients, help them holistically manage pain and fatigue, and provide them with every available tool to achieve lifetime transformation.

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If you answered test questions about any of your family members and received a result of more than 10 points - consult with our therapists. It is possible, now is the most favorable time to think about the fact that your loved one needs urgent comprehensive rehabilitation.