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Stress and Relapse. Why addicts relapse?

The truth is that there are a million reasons people relapse during recovery. Loneliness, depression, peer pressure- these are all common enough and they have something in common – stress. Reasons aren’t why people relapse. Stress is why …

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How to Fight Addiction: Stop Lying Yourself

Quieting the Monster: The top 10 lies we tell ourselves about our addiction Whether you are struggling with addiction yourself or you have plans to approach the topic of addiction with a loved one, you know addicts lie, not …

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Why Do Addicts Relapse?

Addicts relapse for a lot of reasons. The reasons can vary from person to person and from relapse to relapse. Here are the four most common reasons that an addict will relapse after they’ve been through a treatment …

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Withdrawal Symptoms: How Long Do They Last?

When considering stopping drugs or alcohol, many addicts and alcoholics are concerned about the withdrawal symptoms and how long they will last. Will it be better to stop the drug or drinking all at once or is it …

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What Is A Sponsor’s Responsibility?

A sponsor is the person in a drug or alcohol recovery program that will help the addict in staying clean and sober. The sponsor will have more years of sobriety than the addict. The sponsors role to the …

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Drug addiction intervention. Treatment Approaches For Addiction

There are many treatment approaches for addiction. It’s important to note that drug addiction is a very challenging illness. It is characterized by uncontrollable and intense drug cravings as well as compulsion to seek out the drugs even …


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