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09/05/2014 Categories: Articles

If We Don’t Change, Everything Stays the Same

Written by Andrey Rossin

What is Change? Change is much more than medical stabilization: for an alcoholic or an addict it’s a new life, a new way of thinking, a whole new mindset and outlook, and—most important—new actions!

Where do we go and how do we start?  At the Into Action Treatment Center, we provide our clients with a clear-cut set of instructions and we have established rules and expectations for them to follow. Our goal is to help our clients to get free from their obsession and desire while they are with us, to be able to become objective with themselves, and to understand that identifying and acknowledging their defects of character will help them move toward freedom.

Change is the realization that we are not gods, and that there are bigger and better plans for us if we are alive and can read this! Change is accepting responsibility and not pointing fingers. Change is moving forward constantly, because inaction will drag us back toward the nightmare. Change is being open-minded and willing to do something different for myself, which is to clean my side of the street. With Change comes insight and awareness of things I am clueless about right now, an awareness that will benefit me and others. Change is not comfortable, and it requires action—lots of it. Change is life-saving and life-changing. Change is recovery, and it’s much more than just staying clean and sober. We all long for Change, we are just afraid of it because it is not convenient.

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I urge you to get Into Action and turn your life around! You deserve it! In the end, who else but you can do it?


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