Understanding Drug Addiction And Navigating Recovery

The Mental Health Services Administration estimates ten percent of Americans over 12 have used an illegal drug at least once in the past year. This puts them at risk of incarceration, addiction, and even death. Drug addiction and drug abuse costs individuals and society billions of dollars per year in total. It doesn’t have to. 

Substance use disorders aren’t a moral failing or an inevitability. Every person who died from a drug addiction or drug abuse could have been saved. No matter how hopeless it feels, no matter how severe the addiction is, recovery is possible with Future Now Detox. Addiction treatment options are available to you. Whether you need to treat opioid addiction, treat prescription drug addiction, or other an addiction to other illegal drugs, effective treatment is within your reach.

Our drug rehab center offers cutting-edge treatment that supports people in recovery to sustain a lifetime of recovery. The journey is long, and it’s not always easy, but recovery is possible. With a combination of innovative behavioral therapies and intensive treatment programs, we treat drug addiction as a whole to restore your life and help you break free of drug abuse. Addiction recovery is never too far away.

Here’s what you need to know about drug addiction:

  • 10% of persons aged 12 years and over suffer from illicit drug use.
  • 190,000 premature deaths from drugs and drug abuse problems.

Why Drug Addiction Happens

The main problem behind drug addiction is dependency. At first, people can still function without the substance. Over time, though, the body gets used to drugs. This changes the way the body reacts to drugs. It takes a higher dose to get high, for one thing. That encourages addicts to keep using, and at much larger quantities—increasing the risk of overdose and other complications. As the addict continues using, his or her body becomes dependent on the drug. This means that the body sees drugs as equally important to food or water.

Dependency is the hallmark of addiction. Once an addict is dependent, it’s nearly impossible to stop. The body causes intense withdrawal symptoms that make detox painful. Most addicts give up before they’ve even finished detoxing.

Which Drug Addictions Are Most Common?

Any drug that changes the way you think and feel can become addictive. Right now, opioids are the leading cause of drug addiction. That includes legal opioids such as morphine and fentanyl, as well as illegal opioids such as heroin. This doesn’t mean that these are the most addictive drugs—just that they are currently driving the addiction and overdose rate. In the 1980s, it was crack cocaine.

So, the most important factor isn’t a specific drug. Some people are more vulnerable to addiction than others. The risk factors for addiction include:

  • A history of mental health issues
  • Health concerns such as chronic pain
  • A traumatic or unstable living environment
  • A family history of addiction
  • A previous addiction

The more risk factors a person has, the more vulnerable they are. The most significant risk factor, however, is drug use. Any person who uses drugs long enough and frequently enough will become an addict.

Drug Addiction Treatment: What You Need to Know

Detox is the first step on the long path toward sobriety. During detox, the drugs leave your body. This enables you to begin thinking clearly again, and to begin healing from the damage drugs have caused. Because the body fights the removal of the drugs, however, detox is also notoriously painful. It’s common to experience mood swings, physical pain, stomach issues, a sense of hopelessness, and irresistible drug cravings.

The good news is that these symptoms go away in a few days. Once they do, your journey can become easier. But because you might forget the pain of detox, you might also forget how hard it is to get sober—causing you to use again. That’s why it’s so important to get support beyond detox.

Substance Abuse Treatment with Future Now Detox

Seeking addiction treatment for your substance use disorder for the first time can be scary. No matter your drug addiction or drug abuse history, getting the treatment you need for long-term recovery and sober living is never too late. Give us a call today to start building a new, sober, healthy, and fulfilling life.

In Network With Most Insurance

We understand the importance of accessibility and affordability, which is why we have partnered with several insurance companies to better service you. We accept most major insurance providers and private health insurance. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you in navigating your insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance, we are here to help you understand the options available for you or a loved one.

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More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober

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