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Drug rehab centers in NY: Mobile Detox in New York

Mobile Detox in New York

Rehab New York City: 5 Fast Facts

New York has long been known as a bustling cultural hub, packed with sumptuous museums, delicious restaurants, and a rich variety of people from all backgrounds and belief systems. Another thing New York is famous for is drugs. Ten percent or more of New Yorkers have a drug addiction. Many are addicted not to illegal street drugs, but to perfectly legal prescription drugs. In fact, prescription drugs are the leading cause of drug addiction and overdose. Opioid overdoses kill more people than any other drug class, and prescription drugs are the gateway drug of choice to opioid abuse.

Future Now Detox is Florida’s premier provider of inpatient rehabilitation services and outpatient mobile detox. Now, with our mobile detox, we can reach clients in New York with detox services that meet their needs and schedule. We’re on a mission to end the disease of addiction, and our mobile detox services are a major part of that mission. Here are five key facts you need to know about mobile detox in New York.

Addiction is a Brain Disease

Addiction is not a choice. It’s a disease that destroys your body and brain. Over time, it changes the way you think, making it virtually impossible to think about anything other than drugs or alcohol. What’s more, research shows that some people are more vulnerable to this disease than others. So don’t allow yourself to continue living in the shadows. Stigma kills. Treatment saves. Come out of the darkness and seek help now. Like other diseases, addiction needs treatment. You can get better, but only with proper care.

Addiction is Treatable

Addiction tells its victims the lie that they have to be miserable forever. That’s not true. Addiction is a treatable illness. You can heal. You can be better. But to heal, you must heal your brain. That’s where mobile detox comes in.

AD is a coenzyme important for a wide variety of cellular reactions. When NAD is depleted (either due to genetics, poor health, or stress), a person may crave drugs and alcohol as an artificial source of dopamine and as a way to mask the depression, low energy, anxiety, and poor health that co-occur with low NAD. The problem is that addiction further depletes NAD, nurturing a vicious cycle in which an addict uses to make their life better, the addiction makes life worse, and so the addict uses more in an attempt to compensate.

Our mobile detox service brings a skilled nurse into your home to provide IV infusions of NAD. And just like that, your brain and body begin to heal. Many addicts find that, following an NAD infusion, they are completely cured. They no longer crave alcohol or drugs and are able to begin putting the pieces of their lives back together.

Treatment Doesn’t Have to Upend Your Life

Until the advent of mobile detox, most addicts in serious need of help had to use inpatient care. While inpatient care can work wonders for addicts in serious trouble, it is also highly disruptive. Not everyone can afford to take time off of work, or to tell loved ones they are seeking treatment for addiction. Mobile detox allows you to get cutting edge, research-supported treatment in the comfort, safety, and privacy of your own home.

Addiction rehabilitation: Your Life Needs to Change

While mobile detox in New York can get you well on the path to healthy sobriety, it’s not enough on its own. Addiction is a lifestyle disease. This means that, to fully recover, you must change the way you live. Therapy, support groups, excellent nutrition, and healthy living can all help you remain sober for a lifetime. If you need more support, Future Now Detox can connect you to community resources or help you evaluate the possibility of entering our inpatient detox program.

Tomorrow Can be Better

Addiction convinces you that you are unworthy of happiness, and that nothing can ever change. Don’t listen to those lies. Your life can be better. You can begin the process of putting back together what’s broken today. Future Now Detox can get you on the path to sobriety. This isn’t your fault. But it’s up to you to decide what to do about your addiction. Call us today. Let us show you a way to live a happier, healthier life.

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