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07/24/2014 Categories: Articles Detox

Freedom and Happy Life without Drugs and Alcohol

It is absolutely my goal for all my clients to get their obsession and desire to drink and use lifted. It is paramount for one to get rid of it; otherwise we are doomed to drink and use or continue living the life of white-knuckling sobriety which in my view is sheer suicide. So what are we to do to create that path to new life?

It is very simple, but not easy. It involves determination and perseverance, willingness to do something different for myself and being open; it requires humbleness and acceptance; it calls for a change. Here comes the dilemma of any real alcoholic and addict. Is it really worth it to stop numbing myself? When we feel invincible behind drugs and alcohol, fear of losing or death are practically non-existent. And it seems like such a sacrifice to get off that Xanax that was prescribed since the age of 14—how can I do it? And why? Doesn’t it help me to deal with my anxiety? I don’t know any other way do cope and honestly don’t believe it is there. How do I get off that 100 mg of methadone? I have tried on my own and it never worked, so why would it now?? I know what to do, just not today—yes I will do it, but sometime later.

The reality is that later does not come, and we die.

If you are someone that sits in meetings and thinks about splitting, running for the dope man, and who is struggling and never raises your hand because you have an unstoppable burning desire to get high all the time, I am here to tell you there is a solution. And yes, there is a way. And yes, you can be free and happy without drugs and alcohol. And yes, you can be content with yourself and don’t have to avoid people, places, and things once you have a psychic change and if you are continuously working on your spiritual connection!

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