Health Net Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

One of the reasons why so many people may not get help for addiction is because they worry about how much treatment from mental health providers will cost. At Future Now Detox, we work with most insurance companies so that you can receive mental health services. Learn more about Health Net rehab coverage for drug and alcohol treatment.

Health Net rehab coverage

Understanding Coverage

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 21 million Americans have a substance use disorder. Unfortunately, few of them get the treatment they need.

To ensure you know what to expect from addiction coverage, it is important to first understand the various terms that insurance companies use to describe their plans.


The deductible is the amount of money you pay before your insurance coverage begins. Usually, you pay these out-of-pocket expenses every year. After you pay the deductible, you only have to pay a co-payment or co-insurance.


Your co-payment is a fixed amount of money you pay for a specific service after you pay your deductible.


The premium is the amount of money you pay for your insurance coverage. Most people pay a premium each month. It is important not to choose insurance coverage only based on finding the lowest premium because it may not offer the services you need.


Co-insurance refers to the amount of money you pay for services compared to what the insurance company pays.

Health Net Rehab Coverage Plans

Health Net has been in the insurance business for 40 years, offering coverage for the medical services its clients need. The company offers healthcare coverage for all stages of life, and it can also help cover substance abuse treatment and mental health services.

Health Net offers individual and family plans as well as small business plans for California residents. Like other insurance providers, they have various tiers of coverage.

Silver HMO

The Silver HMO Health Net rehab coverage plan has no overall deductible, though there is a $750 deductible per individual and a deductible of $1,500 for families for specific services. The out-of-pocket limit for this option is $7,950 per person or $15,900 per family per year.

For addiction treatment, this Health Net insurance option covers in-network outpatient services. You can have a $50 co-pay cost per therapy session or a $25 co-pay for group sessions.

For inpatient treatment, you have a 50% co-insurance payment. The Health Net Silver HMO does not cover out-of-network treatment.

Gold HMO

The Gold HMO Health Net insurance plan does not have an overall deductible. The out-of-pocket limit for the plan is $6,500 per person or $13,000 per family per year.

The plan covers only in-network addiction treatment, including inpatient and outpatient options. For office visits or individual therapy sessions, you have a copay of $35, while for group sessions, you have a copay of $17.50. For inpatient treatment, you have a $750 copay per day.

Platinum HMO

The Platinum HMO Health Net rehab coverage plan does not have a deductible for standard or special services. It has an out-of-pocket limit of $3,000 per person or $6,000 per family each year.

For outpatient in-network treatment of addiction, you can expect a copay of $20 per therapy session or office visit and $10 per group session. For inpatient services, you have a copay of $350 per day.

Health Net PPO Plans

Health Net insurance also offers PPO plans in California. These plans require pre-authorization and can cover up to 50% of your out-of-network costs.

The Bronze PPO plan from Health Net offers 100% co-insurance once you pay the deductible. The Silver may not have a deductible, and it has a 20% co-insurance rate. The Gold plan also offers a 20% co-insurance rate.

The Platinum PPO Health Net plan has a 10% co-insurance with a 50% co-insurance once you pay off the deductible.

Health Net EPO Plans

Health Net insurance EPO plans are similar to their PPO plans, requiring you to go through a primary care provider for pre-authorization. With the Bronze level, you can get 40% co-insurance once you pay off the deductible, while the Silver and Gold levels offer 20% co-insurance. The Platinum EPO plan is the most expensive option, but it offers 10% co-insurance.

Receiving Treatment for Addiction

Before the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2014, people with mental health or substance use disorders were not able to receive quality healthcare coverage. This is because most insurance companies considered substance abuse and mental health conditions to be pre-existing conditions. 

Many insurance companies required very high premiums or did not offer coverage at all for those with these illnesses.

Now, all of that is different. Insurance companies like Health Net Insurance provide mental health coverage and help with substance abuse.

Addiction Treatment Through Health Net Rehab Insurance

Health Net can cover behavioral health services and substance abuse treatment. Alcohol and drug addiction treatment services can include:

  • Detoxification, including medical detox and medication-assisted treatment
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment
  • Inpatient and residential treatment programs
  • Partial hospitalization and other transitional programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Sober living
  • Continued treatment after discharge

Check with your specific insurance provider to ensure that you have the health insurance coverage you need for drug and alcohol treatment or mental health treatment.

Turn to Future Now Detox

At Future Now Detox, we offer services for the treatment of addiction and mental health conditions. We work with most insurance companies, including Health Net insurance plans.

Our behavioral health services can offer the help you need when you are battling a substance use disorder without putting a financial strain on you and your loved ones.

When you’re seeking addiction treatment, you can rely on Future Now Detox. Our mental and behavioral health experts are here to help you through the process of getting help for substance abuse.

Call Future Now Detox to learn more about residential treatment and other behavioral health services we offer.

In Network With Most Insurance

We understand the importance of accessibility and affordability, which is why we have partnered with several insurance companies to better service you. We accept most major insurance providers and private health insurance. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you in navigating your insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance, we are here to help you understand the options available for you or a loved one.

Take the first step toward recovering from addiction by calling Future Now Detox at (866) 419-3899, or verify your insurance by clicking the button below. 

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More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
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