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11/04/2015 Categories: Articles

How to learn new life skills for addicts

Learning New Life SkillsWhile it may seem odd to those who aren’t addicts, part of the issue of addiction is that the addict doesn’t have the right life skills. They don’t know how to handle stressful situations or life’s problems that are thrown their way. The way the cope is by using drugs or alcohol.

In order for an addict to be fully prepared when they leave a rehab facility, they must learn proper life skills. This is the only way they are going to survive in the outside world. Otherwise, they are going to return to their life of drugs and alcohol.


Most rehab facilities include these skills in their programs. They work with the addicts on ways that they can cope with what life is throwing at them. The teach the addict how to deal with every day stresses without turning to drugs and alcohol.

Modern Technology

Thanks to modern technology, today’s stress levels can rapidly go through the roof. Many people struggle to just get up and get going in the morning. The addict struggles all day long. They struggle to get through the day without giving in to the urge to drink or use drugs.

New Habits

The first thing that the addict must do is to develop new habits to replace the old ones. They must learn healthy ways to manage their stress and keep it under control. If they don’t learn these skills they will turn right back to the old ways that they coped. That will include the drugs and the alcohol.

Everyday Activities

Most of us know that in order to survive and keep a bank account in line, we must balance the checkbook whenever we write a check or use our debit card. Addicts however don’t do this as a normal part of their routine. Their lives have revolved around being broke or nearly broke all the time in order to get their fix. If they did have these skills at any point in life, they’ve long ago let them go. They must re establish such everyday skills.

They must learn to function on a new routine. Often this will mean finding new ways to work that will help them to avoid areas where they used to hang out. It may also mean that they have to re establish a social network and improve the people that they select as friends. They must select friends that will help to facilitate their sobriety in lieu of friends that are offering them drugs and alcohol as a part of the social circle.

Paying bills on time is also a must. It’s not always easy but they must begin to handle their money so that they are paying their rent and other bills in a timely fashion. It won’t be easy to break old habits but they can re learn to do these things if they set their minds to it.

Learning new life skills won’t come easy in the beginning. Think about learning a new hobby or learning to do a new activity. The skills must be learned and practiced so that they become so routine that the person doesn’t even give them a second thought. Then the addict can begin to live again.

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