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Prescription drugs are prescribed by doctors every day. From chronic pain, sleep disturbances, and post-surgical recovery, prescription drugs are used daily. However, over time, if not managed properly, you can quickly become addicted to these drugs and to their euphoric or sedative effects. 

Future Now Detox is dedicated to helping you find the best rehab center solutions to treat your substance use disorders. Our innovative Adderalll withdrawal and detoxification process provides intensive addiction treatment that meets your individual needs.

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The Basics of Adderall Addiction

Recent studies by American Addiction Centers states that Adderall is responsible for over 10% of illicit drug use. While this number may seem small, with millions of Americans addicted to illicit drugs, this can equal hundreds of thousands of people addicted to Adderall. 

What is Adderall?

Adderall, or Adderall XR, is a synthetic stimulant medication that is most commonly a prescription medication for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. The drug is a chemical mix of amphetamine compounds. Prescription stimulants can cause drug addiction after just a few uses due to their desired psychological symptoms and euphoric effects. 

Do I Need Adderall Detox and Addiction Treatment?

If you find yourself agreeing to any of the following statements, it may be time for treatment:

  • You self-isolate to use Adderall, you hide the amount you use from those around you, or choose to use by yourself.
  • Your mental health symptoms are increasing, or you are experiencing new feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, or paranoia.
  • You’ve experienced financial loss due to paying for illicit prescription drugs, or loss of romantic and personal relationships.
  • You feel Adderall withdrawal symptoms as soon as you go too long without a dose or you need to use even more to get the same effects you used to feel. 

The Adderall Withdrawal and Detox Process

If you’ve never been in addiction treatment for Adderall abuse, you may be wondering what is involved in the process and what you can expect.

Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms

Adderall dependence can occur after just a few uses, which can make Adderall withdrawal an extremely difficult process. Many people try to quit Adderall cold turkey alone at home. However, without medical monitoring by medical professionals, this can quickly become life-threatening. 

Depending on the level with which you abused Adderall, the symptoms of withdrawal can vary depending on the person. 

Once you have become physically dependent on Adderall, the “Adderall crash” can occur as soon as your last dose wears off, causing people to take more frequent doses than recommended. 

Mild Adderall Symptoms of Withdrawal

Once Adderall’s effects dwindle and the brain dopamine levels drop, side effects will begin to set in. These physical withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Insomnia, depression, excessive irritability, excessive fatigue, sweats, mood swings, nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps, increased or decreased blood pressure

Managing withdrawal symptoms like these can frequently be done at home, but by doing so in a substance abuse treatment center, you can avoid the unnecessary negative effects. 

Severe Adderall Symptoms of Withdrawal

If you are heavily abusing Adderall, or use it with other drugs and alcohol, you may experience withdrawal symptoms that are much more severe and can cause an extended withdrawal period. 

These more severe withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Intense feelings of paranoia, hallucinations, electrolyte imbalances from fluid loss, muscle spasms, seizures, loss of consciousness, disorientation and dizziness, migraines, and panic attacks

Adderall Addiction Treatment Process

Now that you are aware of the symptoms of Adderall withdrawal, it is time to begin to consider what your treatment process will look like. Treatment centers may give you a combination of the following treatment options:

  • Medication-Assisted Detox/Medical Detox Program: This involves around the clock medical supervision while you detox. A treatment provider may also use medications to assist with the physical symptoms, lessen the risk of amphetamine withdrawal syndrome, and to cut the cravings. 
  • Individual Therapy: You will be able to meet one-on-one with a therapist to discuss your addiction and any other mental disorders you may be experiencing.
  • Group Therapy: You will get to meet with a therapist and others in varying stages of substance abuse dependency and recovery.
  • Family Therapy for those who need to seek emotional support in their home environments once discharged from drug rehab. 
  • Therapeutic Activities: A way to express feelings and find a creative outlet, these may include art therapy, nature therapy, meditation therapy, music therapy, and animal therapy.

Additional Resources and Therapies: These may include CBT for clinical management of mental illness, financial counseling, employment counseling, and support groups.

Recover from Drug Abuse or Alcohol Addiction with Future Now Detox

If you’re struggling with addiction, it can seem like you are all alone. However, it is never too late to seek treatment for your Adderall addiction. 

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