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While alcohol can begin with a few drinks on the weekend with friends, it can quickly spiral out of control. Alcohol use disorder can sneak up suddenly, and can cost you friendships, relationships, and finances. You may feel alone with your alcohol use disorder, but substance abuse treatment is within your reach. 

Future Now Detox is dedicated to helping you find the best rehab center solutions to treat your substance use disorders. Our innovative alcohol detoxification process provides intensive addiction treatment that meets your individual needs.

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The Basics of Alcohol Addiction

You may be wondering if your alcohol addiction is really bad enough to need treatment. If you are already considering it, that may signify that it is time for substance abuse treatment. 

Do I Need Alcohol Detox and Addiction Treatment?

If you find yourself agreeing to any of the following statements, it may be time for treatment:

  • You self-isolate to drink, you hide the amount you drink from those around you, or choose to drink alone.
  • Your mental health symptoms are increasing, or you are experiencing new feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, or paranoia.
  • You’ve experienced financial loss due to paying for alcohol or loss of romantic and personal relationships.
  • You feel alcohol withdrawal symptoms as soon as you go too long without a drink, or you need to drink heavily to avoid alcohol withdrawal.

The Alcohol Detox Process

If you’ve never gone through alcohol withdrawal or the alcohol detox process, you may be wondering what symptoms of alcohol withdrawal to expect, or what treatment for alcohol abuse looks like. 

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Depending on the amount you drink and your prior medical history, here are some of the possible symptoms of alcohol withdrawal you may experience.

Mild Withdrawal Symptoms

Many people experience mild withdrawal symptoms if they try to decrease their alcohol intake alone, or skip one of their regular drinking times. While mild symptoms are not life-threatening, they can be unpleasant. These can include:

  • Shakiness, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, insomnia, anxiety, agitation, sweats or chills, muscle tremors or aches, and dizziness.

Many of the mild withdrawal symptoms can be managed with over the counter medication, but without monitoring at a treatment center, these can escalate into more severe withdrawal symptoms. 

Severe Withdrawal Symptoms 

The severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are likely to set in if you drink heavily or if you are multiple hours or days into detox. Generally, these symptoms are not life-threatening symptoms, but they can become this way if you have other medical conditions or are not monitored by medical professionals. 

The more serious symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Electrolyte and sodium imbalances from loss of fluids, fainting, high blood pressure, high heart rate, panic attacks, elevated body temperature, muscle stiffness, seizures, and paranoia or hallucinations.

What is Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome? 

Another common issue is alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which are prolonged symptoms from alcohol withdrawal. Generally, if you are doing a medically managed detox or medication assisted treatment, this is unlikely. 

In addition, there is a slight risk of delirium tremens in alcohol withdrawal. This is a rare condition affecting only around 5% of people. It can include severe symptoms like night terrors, fever of 102 or higher, visual and auditory hallucinations, disorientation, loss of consciousness, frequent seizures, and temporary paralysis. 

However, rest assured that this is a rare medical emergency, and can be managed by healthcare professionals in treatment centers.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Process

Now that you are aware of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, it is time to begin to consider what your treatment process will look like. Depending on the alcohol detox treatment center, you may have a combination of the following treatment options:

  • Medication-Assisted Detox: This involves around-the-clock monitoring by a medical professional while you detox. They may also use medications to assist with the withdrawal symptoms and to cut the cravings. This will help reduce effects to the central nervous system and can help you stop drinking. This model is great for those with severe alcohol dependence.
  • Individual Therapy: You will be able to meet one-on-one with a therapist to discuss alcohol use disorders and to discuss any other mental disorders you may be experiencing.
  • Group Therapy: You will get to meet with a therapist and others in varying stages of alcohol dependency recovery.
  • Therapeutic Activities: A way to express feelings and find a creative outlet, these may include art therapy, nature therapy, meditation therapy, music therapy, and animal therapy.
  • Additional Resources and Therapies: These may include CBT for clinical management of mental illness, financial counseling, employment counseling, and support groups. 

Recover from Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Addiction with Future Now Detox

You may feel stuck in your alcohol addiction, but seeking addiction treatment programs is the first step towards living the sober life you deserve.

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More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober

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