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Drug addiction is a national epidemic. Factor in deaths due to indirect causes, such as heart disease and liver failure, and the number is easily well over 100,000. Drug and alcohol addiction costs the economy billions each year. The right drug and alcohol treatment program can save your life, improve your community, and help you regain a loving and trusting relationship with your family. Here’s everything you need to know to choose the best alcohol and drug treatment rehab for your needs.

drug and alcohol rehab

Do I Need a Drug or Alcoholism Treatment Program?

One of the great tragedies of addiction is that it keeps itself going by convincing the addict to lie to themselves. Addicts live in a state of permanent denial, convinced that even the most maladaptive behavior is normal, or not related to the addiction. Addicts tell themselves they can quit using any time, or they lie to loved ones about their use so as not to be found out. This can be profoundly isolating. It also makes it easier for the addict to keep using, allowing the addiction to get much worse and much more out of control than it otherwise would.

So people who think their use of drugs or alcohol is under control, who mistakenly believe that legal drugs or drugs like marijuana aren’t addictive, or who think they can stop using any time must take a hard look at themselves. There’s no shame in seeking treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction if you need it. Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to more than two, you probably need treatment. If you answer yes to more than four, you definitely need treatment:

  • Treating each addict as an individual, and offering a customized treatment plan designed to fit the addict’s needs, lifestyle, values, cultural context, and other individual factors.
  • Addressing the medical and health components of addiction by promoting good health, addressing underlying health problems that contribute to addiction, and supporting the addict to improve their health.
  • Doing more than just helping the addict get sober. People in recovery need help to repair their relationships, find new coping skills, understand their abuse of alcohol and drugs, and improve their lives. Sobriety is the beginning of the journey, not the end.

How Long Does Drug and Alcohol Detox Take?

Detox is the process through with drugs or alcohol leave the body. It’s a necessary prerequisite to lasting recovery and sobriety. Sometimes referred to as withdrawal, detox is notoriously difficult and is the most difficult part for most addicts of getting sober. Research shows that simply making it through detox without using again greatly increases the chances that a person will stay recovered and healthy.

Detox can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and requires complete and total sobriety. Using even once will restart the process. Symptoms usually peak at 3-5 days, after substances have completely exited the body. From there, symptoms typically slowly and steadily get better. Eventually, detox symptoms disappear altogether, making it much easier to avoid using.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment Programs: How to Choose

Inpatient treatment may be best if:

  • Your addiction is very severe, or you have relapsed before.
  • You have a stressful or unsupportive home environment that makes recovery difficult.
  • Your living situation is unstable.
  • You have a co-occurring mental or physical health disorder.
  • You need a break.
  • You want to be in a supportive community.
  • You need supportive care, including medical and nutritional support.

Outpatient treatment may be best if:

  • You can’t afford to take time off of work.
  • You don’t want to tell your employer about your addiction.
  • You have young children you need to care for.
  • Your addiction is relatively mild, and you’d like to try managing it with the help of an outpatient program.
  • You do not have any serious co-occurring medical or psychiatric conditions.
  • You have a stable and safe home environment, and the other people in your life do not abuse alcohol or drugs.
  • You are willing to seek additional care and support, including therapy, as needed.

Tips for Choosing a Drug Treatment Program

Whether you choose inpatient or outpatient care, what matters most is that you select quality care. Before committing to any program, ask the following questions:

  • Do you accept insurance?
  • What is the price for each level of care, and can I pay installments or do I need to pay upfront?
  • Is there a waiting list?

What to Expect from Drug or Alcohol Rehab

Put simply, it’s not just about detox. Quality addiction treatment is about preparing you to lead a happy, meaningful life, free of alcohol and drugs, for the rest of your life. You should leave treatment feeling excited about the life that waits for you.

When you enter drug or alcohol rehab, the process always begins with detox, as covered above. During and after detox, the facility will work with you to help you:

  • Understand why you use. For example, do you have a history of trauma or a very stressful life?
  • Manage any underlying conditions, such as chronic pain or addiction.
  • Replace your addiction with healthier habits, such as exercise or meditation.
  • Repair broken relationships.
  • Find healthy ways to cope with stress.
  • Understand how addiction affects your body and mind.

Addiction as a Disease: 5 Key Facts

Addiction is a disease. You didn’t choose it. It’s not your fault. And you likely can’t control it on your own. That’s why you need treatment–not guilt, not denial, not avoidance. Still on the fence? If you’re struggling with addiction, here are five things you need to know about the disorder of addiction:

  • Certain genes are linked to addiction and can change the way the body responds to and processes alcohol and drugs.
  • Addiction is not a choice. It is caused by specific biochemical changes in the body. An addict cannot stop using sheer willpower.
  • Unhealthy lifestyles make addiction more likely because they weaken the body and mind.

In Network With Most Insurance

We understand the importance of accessibility and affordability, which is why we have partnered with several insurance companies to better service you. We accept most major insurance providers and private health insurance. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you in navigating your insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance, we are here to help you understand the options available for you or a loved one.

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More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober

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