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08/07/2014 Categories: Addiction Articles

Stop Thinking – You Are Thinking Too Much

It’s not a secret that our problem isn’t really drugs and alcohol: our problems center in our mind, and  therefore alcoholic thinking starts way before the first drink or hit. If I’m scared and resentful, if I don’t want to see my own dishonesty—and a lot of times I don’t even have the insight to do it—if responsibility is not in my vocabulary and I’m being selective in my principles, if I’m egocentric and only thinking about what others think about me, then there’s a pretty high probability that alcohol and or drugs become my temporary solution to my problems, because when I’m drunk and high there are no problems and no worries.

Alcoholics and addicts are over-analyzers. They obsess on a thought and can’t let it go. After a meeting they trash themselves for not delivering that jewel of wisdom that would make everyone see how terrific and special they truly are. This is simply a part of the self-centeredness that alcoholics and addicts are stuck with when they’re newly sober.

So what do we do to change our thinking? Where do we go to quiet the mind and become able to be at least a little bit more objective?? Having awareness of the mind and becoming humble is a vital step in the process. It ‘s not easy, and sometimes the gyrations of the mind seem impossible to stop, especially when we’re agitated (and some of us are agitated all the time). The reality is that unless we change our thinking in the direction of getting out of ourselves it might very well kill us.

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