Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Seeking addiction treatment can feel overwhelming. With various programs and treatment centers to choose from, finding the right level of care with the right services can be particularly time-consuming and confusing.

Addiction is a lifelong process, so it is imperative to find a treatment facility that offers safe and effective addiction treatment by professionals. At Future Now Detox, we create an individualized treatment plan catered to your unique needs and recovery goals. We will help you to feel confident in the care you are receiving and what you can expect from our comprehensive services. This is our way of offering compassionate support to those who need it most.
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Treatment Programs We Offer at Our Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Many clients start substance use disorder treatment by detoxing from drugs and alcohol at our medical detox. As an essential first step in addiction treatment, our drug and alcohol detox provides a safe and comfortable way to remove drugs from the body while managing withdrawal symptoms. Offered in a comfortable setting with around-the-clock medical supervision, our drug and alcohol detox, coupled with our support services, will prepare you for the next stage of your addiction recovery.

At Future Now Detox, our detox program prioritizes individualized medical care tailored to meet each client's unique needs and recovery goals. Our medical team comprises licensed doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and physician assistants with years of experience treating drug abuse and offering medication-assisted treatment (addiction medicine) to help clients experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. While detox comes with unique challenges for individuals, it can be dangerous in many instances if not done under the guidance of a medical professional. Whether you are struggling with opioid addiction, heroin addiction, or other drugs, consider our rehab program to ensure a safe and effective detox and a positive start in the recovery process.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs are the highest level of care and the most intensive treatment option, as it requires clients to reside at a facility and receive 24/7 medical supervision. Structured around a 12-step approach to addiction treatment, residential treatment programs offer clients a wider range of services with more therapies and resources than if they were to participate in individual therapy, group counseling or family therapy alone. While in residential treatment, otherwise known as inpatient treatment, clients receive individualized attention to address and treat their addiction/addictive behaviors, and any associated mental health conditions.

Mental health care is a priority while in residential programs, as many addiction studies/research studies show drug use and mental health often go hand-in-hand. Treating mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD and others coupled with addiction treatment (otherwise known as a dual diagnosis or co occurring disorders) using comprehensive inpatient services and tailored treatment plans is crucial to address addiction issues for long lasting recovery. To continually enhance care, our team does everything in our power to help set an uncompromising foundation for long-term recovery.

Once symptoms are under control and manageable, clients are encouraged to transition into a lower level of care, such as one of our outpatient programs such as our intensive outpatient program, or an extended outpatient program at our outpatient rehab.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs for substance abuse treatment allow a person to maintain their professional and personal life while participating in an addiction treatment program, as clients are not required to live at our facility to receive treatment. This level of care is the least intensive program compared to intensive outpatient and residential treatment. While standard outpatient program services are not as comprehensive as residential services, outpatient addiction treatment programs are a great option for those transitioning from an inpatient treatment program to everyday life. Outpatient treatment can also be helpful at different times during the recovery process, such as if you are in danger of relapsing and need extra support.

Outpatient treatment is the lowest level of care, so we generally do not recommend this treatment program for those struggling with severe drug addiction. Instead, it's best suited for individuals who have already been through detox and have some foundation in treatment and recovery. To treat individuals most effectively, our outpatient rehab offers continuous education as it's crucial for clients to keep learning about their addiction, what triggers to avoid, and how to protect themselves from relapse. While in outpatient rehab, clients also participate in comprehensive addiction treatment services such as medical education programs, life skills education, contingency management treatment, individual therapy, group therapy, support groups, and other forms of counseling.

The main difference between a standard outpatient program and an intensive outpatient program is the amount of time spent at our treatment center. Generally, while in an intensive outpatient program, clients spend 3-5 days per week in substance abuse treatment, participating in various counseling services such as individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy (with family members), optional therapeutic community events, optional telehealth services, optional recovery advocacy events and more. Whereas those participating in standard outpatient are only expected to attend two times per week for individual and group counseling.

Regardless of the type of drug addiction, co occurring disorder, or dual diagnosis you may have, we have the staff, knowledge, and resources to treat it. From medically monitored drug and alcohol detox to residential treatment to outpatient rehab and everything in between, we are here to support you. If you or your loved one is ready to overcome drug abuse and associated mental health conditions, contact us online or call (866) 419-3899.

Paying for Rehab

While the cost of substance abuse treatment programs may seem daunting, the cost of addiction will always be higher. People struggling with substance use disorders are less productive at work than sober individuals. Plus, the price of drugs, legal aid for drug-related offenses, and health complications from substance abuse can add up quickly over time.

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, insurance providers are not allowed to charge a premium or deny care for pre-existing conditions. Due to the mental health and substance addiction treatment services required to treat substance use disorders, it is required to be treated as a pre-existing condition.

Your preferred addiction treatment center should work with you to develop a payment plan or seek out other public assistance if your insurance plan does not cover behavioral health care. Money should not be the thing that stands in the way of you receiving the care you need.

In Network With Most Insurance

We understand the importance of accessibility and affordability, which is why we have partnered with several insurance companies to better service you. We accept most major insurance providers and private health insurance. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you in navigating your insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance, we are here to help you understand the options available for you or a loved one.

Take the first step toward recovering from addiction by calling Future Now Detox at (866) 419-3899, or verify your insurance by clicking the button below.

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More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober
More Than Just A Place To Get Sober

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