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09/17/2015 Categories: Addiction Articles

Why Addicts Can’t Quit On Their Own?

Addicts Can't QuitAddiction is a very baffling condition for many people. At the start of addiction, just about everyone will tell you that they can ‘quit whenever I want’. Sadly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As addicts use drugs the drugs alter them brain chemistry. With prolonged use, the drugs will change the way the addict thinks and responds to any given situation.

Long after drugs are stopped, the addict is still struggling with the changes in their brain chemistry. The drugs have left lingering effects on the brain and those effects can make it difficult to lead a normal life. From the bum on the street who is strung out, to the business man who is dressed in the 3 piece suit, addiction affects us all.

Here are some facts about addiction that may make it difficult for an addict to stop on their own:

Addiction can affect every walk of life from the bum on the street to the wealthy businessman. It knows no bounds. Many people mistakenly believe that only those who are down and out are addicts. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A housewife, a businessman, a bum on the street even a teen can be an addict.

The longer a person has used drugs, the more difficult it is to stop using them without help. Because drugs change the chemistry of the brain they can make it more difficult for a person to stay clean and sober. This doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t want to stay clean and sober, it’s a coping mechanism. The truth is that drug addicts and alcoholics need to learn better coping skills and better life skills.

Alcoholism and drug addiction can be genetic. If a parent, grandparent or even a sibling is an addict or alcoholic, the persons likelihood of becoming an alcoholic or addict increases. Knowing the family medical history can be very helpful in preventing a person from becoming an addict.

Just as diabetes or a heart condition are diseases, so is addiction and it also requires treatment by a professional. No one looks down on a diabetic or a person with a heart condition, so why then are people looking down on addicts? It’s not right and it’s not the appropriate response.

It’s very common for an addict in recovery to relapse. In school, children learn by repetition, addicts in recovery may also learn by repetition. They may have to go back several times to grasp a concept that will help them in their sobriety. This is where patience by loved ones and family will come in handy.

Both alcohol and drugs can impair a persons ability to make wise decisions. Having some back up plans and some support groups in reserves will go far in helping an addict to choose the wise choice and avoid relapsing.

It’s easy for a person who isn’t an addict to judge an addict. However, it’s important to remember that we’re not a higher power and we do things that are wrong in our lives as well, we just aren’t using drugs or alcohol. Keeping this in mind will go far in helping us to stop judging the addict.

Addicts can rarely stop on their own. They need medical intervention in the form of rehab or ongoing group sessions such as a 12 step program or support group. Facing the facts and recognizing that there are times that everyone in this world needs a little bit of help will go far in helping society to understand that it’s not as simply as quitting on their own.

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